Best CS2 Trading Sites

Our CS2 Trading Sites list was last updated in June 2024


Duelbits is probably the best website if you want to sell your CS2 skins for Crypto. Their P2P CS2 skin store offers a huge variety of CS2 skins and is easy to use. Furthermore, one coin is equal to $1 which means you don't have to calculate the actual USD value before making a trade. However, some items could be overpriced, Duelbits allows a 15% markup. After depositing your CS2 skins, you can instantly withdraw cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin) to your crypto wallet.



CSGOEmpire is the biggest P2P Trading Site for CS2 skins. You can trade your skins for almost any other skin on their, without paying any fees. However, finding cheap skins and good deals can be hard, because many traders use CSGOEmpire daily and snipe the best deals quickly. Furthermore, traders can set custom prices up to 50% over the regular price, which means some skins might be overpriced. You are also allowed to deposit skins and withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin and vice versa.


TradeIt is a well-known Trade Bot Site where you can trade CS2 skins, Rust items, Steam cards, TF2 items and Dota 2 items. Please notice that you have to pay a fee of at least 2% up to 15% on every trade. However, compared to other sites like the Trading fee on is really low. In the future they are going to add an invest feature which allows you to grow your CS2 inventory. Another good thing about TradeIt is that you can get a bonus of $0.50 on your first trade by using our code "3TJ0BHQ".



CS.Deals is a Marketplace and Trade Bot for Rust, Dota2, TF2 and CS2 skins. One big advantage of CS.Deals is that they have really low sales fees. If you want to sell a skin for real money, you only have to pay a 2% fee and a 1% cash out fee if you want to withdraw your money to your bank account. However, the fees for the Trade Bot feature are way higher: They start at around 6% and go up to around 15% on some items, which is still way cheaper than and other Trade Bots. Overall, CS.Deals is a very good and trusted site.


Swap is a CS2 Trade Bot and a CS2 Marketplace. They are really trusted because they are based in the Netherlands and not in some tax haven like Cyprus or Malta. Furthermore, their fees are really low: They claim that their trading fees are ranging from 6% to 21%. However, we found some items with a fee of around 4%. If you want to trade old skins for new ones and only pay some fees, you can get some really good deals on Overall, they have less skin variety but also less fees than



CSGORoll is a good site for CS2 skin traders that don't need to cash out cryptocurrencies. On the one hand you can deposit using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. On the other hand you can't withdraw any cryptocurrencies. Therefore, big cash traders are not interested in using CSGORoll which means you have a good chance to find some good deals. If you want to buy new skins, CSGORoll is a good site because you get a 5% bonus on real money deposits using our code "CS2DRAGON".



CSBumps is a brand-new Counter-Strike Trading Site. Users can sign in through Steam and post trades that they are interested in. You can offer your skins and look for skins you are interested in. CSBumps doesn't take any commission from trades. However, they are also not responsible for the safety of your trades, so make sure you don't get scammed. The site itself is free to use and offers 3 different premium tiers which give you several perks such as having your trades bumped to the top of the site automatically.



CSGO500 is the only P2P Trading Site that offers EOS, Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) for withdraw. The only problem with the site is that their CS2 skin store doesn't have many skins that you could withdraw. CSGO500 only allows up to 10% markup on CS2 skins, which makes it less interesting for many traders. However, some traders still use the site if they want to sell their skins for Ripple, which is only available on CSGO500. By using our code "csgojoker" you can get 500 Bux for free to start trading. 500 Bux are worth around 0.29 USD.



CS.Money is probably the most well-known CS2 Trade Bot of all time. No matter if you would like to have a Howl, Dragon Lore or any cool knife, has every skin you could think of in stock. Therefore, many CS2 players use if they want to trade their old CS2 skins for cool new skins. However, there is a downside to trading on They take very high fees. Besides their regular 7% fee, a markup of 13% is applied to some skins. Always check fees before trading your skins on!



Gamdom is one of the only P2P Trading Sites that shows their skin prices in USD. Therefore it is easy to see if a skin is overpriced or not. You can compare Gamdom skin prices to Buff163 prices to find cheap skins. After that you can deposit using cryptocurrencies, cards or Paypal to buy those cheap skins. Now you can sell them on other Trading Sites or Marketplaces to make profit. However, the variety of skins is really bad on Gamdom compared to other sites. You can use code "csgojokercom" to get a bonus.


About CS2 Trading

CS2 players usually trade their skins with other players, to play with a variety of skins, because using the same skin the whole time gets boring really quick. Steam offers the option to trade in-game items like CS2 skins with other steam users. Trading on steam is free for everyone and you can trade as much as you want. There is only one trading restriction, which is the 7 day trade hold on CS2 skins. By introducing the trade hold on CS2 skins, Valve tried to stop scammers from stealing CS2 skins. However, this didn't work out and scammers are still stealing many CS2 skins every day. Furthermore, the trade hold on skins has really hurt the CS2 trading community.

To avoid scammers many players use CS2 Trading Sites nowadays. CS2 Trading Sites try to protect players and act as a middleman. You can reduce the risk of getting scammed by using trusted CS2 Trading Sites like CSGOEmpire, Duelbits or

Is CS2 Trading dead in 2021?

No, CS2 Trading is not dead. There are still many active CS2 traders.

Nowadays most players use third party sites to avoid getting scammed. When using trusted CS2 Trade Bots like or trusted P2P Trading Sites like CSGOEmpire you basically can't get scammed. However, if someone has access to your steam account and your API key, you could get scammed. Usually the site has multiple security measures in place to protect you when you are trading your skins.

Trading without a third part site is not dead either, but nowadays it is much less common. Usually traders only trade with other trusted traders that they know from Twitter or other social media networks. Furthermore CS2 trading servers and Discord servers for CS2 Trading are still getting used by many oldschool CS2 players.

What is the best CS2 Trading Site?

There is really no such thing as "the best" trading site. We would say that CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, CSGORoll and Duelbits are some of the best CS2 Trading Sites out there.

Out of all sites, CSGOEmpire has the largest selection of popular CS2 skins. Other sites like Duelbits and CSGORoll also have a huge variety of cool skins, but not as many as CSGOEmpire. However, it must also be mentioned that the CSGOEmpire coin system is unnecessarily complicated. One coin doesn't equal one Dollar or one Euro, it equals around $0.6 which makes new players think they get a really good price for their skin. But if you know that one coin is only worth around $0.6 then CSGOEmpire is the best site for traders.

Duelbits on the other hand is way easier to use because one coin equals $1. For new traders this is perfect to easily see if they get a good price or if the item is overpriced. Moreover, Duelbits also allows instant crypto cash-outs after you sold your skins. A really common strategy that big CS2 traders use to make money is to deposit skins on Duelbits and withdraw crypto afterwards. After that, they deposit crypto on CSGOEmpire or CSGORoll and withdraw the skin that they have deposited on Duelbits previously for a cheaper price. Keep in mind, this doesn't work all the time, you should check the skin prices on both sites first.

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CS2 P2P Trading Sites

P2P Trading is basically a safe way to trade CS2 skins with other players. It works like this: You sign in on a P2P Trading Site like CSGOEmpire. You save your steam trade link and your Steam API key. Now you select a CS2 skin that you want to trade from your steam inventory and set a price. When someone wants to withdraw your skin, you trade it directly to the other player. CSGOEmpire credits you with coins when the trade was successful. Now you can go to the withdraw section and select a skin that you would like to have. You withdraw the skin and the other player will trade it directly to you. When they trade is successful, the CS2 P2P Trading Site takes your coins.

What is CS2 P2P Trading?

"P2P" stands for "player-to-player" or "peer-to-peer" which means that you trade your skins with other players directly. P2P Trading Sites make sure that the process is save and act like a middleman. They use your Steam API key to track the trades. When they see that a trade was successful, they credit coins to the user that deposited the skin. If you withdraw a skin, they only take your coins if the trade was successful, this way you can't get scammed easily.

Where can I trade CS2 Skins P2P?

You can trade your CS2 Skins on the following P2P sites without paying any extra fees:
CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll, CSGO500, Gamdom, Duelbits, CSGOPolygon and WTFSkins.

You can also trade your CS2 skins on P2P Marketplaces like Buff, CSGOFloat and Waxpeer. However, we suggest you to use sites like CSGOEmpire and Duelbits instead to avoid fees, P2P Marketplaces usually take a sales fee.

How to make profit with P2P trading

When you want to be a successful CS2 Trader, you should always look for the best deals. This means that you should always have at least five different Trading Sites open at the same time to compare prices. Furthermore you should deposit your skins on the site where you get the highest price and withdraw skins on site where you get the cheapest prices. By comparing skin prices across many websites you can make around 5% - 10% profit on every trade.

Profitable P2P Trading works like this:
Let's say you see a Bayonet | Doppler FN on CSGOEmpire for $300. You check the price on Duelbits and notice, that this Bayonet could sell for $330 on Duelbits. Now you withdraw the Bayonet on CSGOEmpire. After waiting 8 days for the trade hold to expire, you deposit the knife on Duelbits for 330$. Congratulations, you just made a profit of 10% in a week. Now you look for an item, that's cheap on Duelbits and expensive on CSGOEmpire and repeat the process the other way around: You withdraw a skin from Duelbits and deposit it on CSGOEmpire for a higher price.

CS2 Trade Bots

CS2 Trade Bots started as regular steam accounts that you could trade with. Those steam accounts accepted or declined trade offers, based on if they are going to make a profit or not. They were really popular, but it was hard to advertise them, so developers made websites for their CS2 Trade Bots. As a result, players are now able to trade their skins for any other skin out of millions of different skins and are not limited to one single bot inventory anymore. Furthermore, players can also deposit real money to withdraw their favourite skins. Some Trade Bots like are still online to this day, others like skinsjar and had to shut down.


CS.MONEY is one of the biggest CS2 sites of all time and the most used CS2 Trading Site out there. They use so called CS2 Trade Bots to automatically let you trade skins. However, the way sites like make huge profits every day is by taking fees. Whenever you trade your skins with any of their bots, you are going to have to pay a fee, in most cases this fee ranges from 7% up to around 20%.

Is legit?

Yes, is legit. They are operated by CS VIRTUAL TRADE LTD in Limassol, Cyprus under the registration number HE 389299.

How much fees does take?

In their FAQ claims to take 7% fees, if you buy their prime subscription they only take 4% fees. However, in reality the fees are way higher because they apply a "trade lock markup" which can be up to 13% on top. When we checked the fees for popular skins, they where all around 12 - 18% which is a lot.

The high fees are the main reason why many CS2 players never use CS2 Trade Bots like Most experienced traders use P2P Trading Sites instead while new players tend to fall for the Trade Bots and their high fees.

Can I withdraw money from

According to their FAQ, you can't withdraw money from, you can only trade your skins for other skins. But in some tweets they mentioned that they are probably going to add this feature in the future.

About is a small CS2 Trade Site that has very few items, but takes way less fees than for example. While takes 4% - 20%, takes 2% - 15% depending on how popular your item is. If you are trying to trade for a really popular skin, the fees are higher. However, you can get some skins for only 2% trading fees, which is really cheap for a Trade Bot Site. Compared to, the variety of skins on is really bad. Furthermore is easier to use. But the cheap fees make a decent site for CS2 Trading.

Is legit?

Yes, is legit. is operated by a company located in the USA. The company's address is 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958.

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