Best CS2 Match Betting Sites

Our CS2 Match Betting Sites list was last updated in May 2024


Bet on professional CS2 matches on CSGOEmpire! You can withdraw and deposit CS2 skins, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum instantly. They offer many different matches to bet on and you can also bet on other games like LoL, Dota2, Rocket League and many other games. Sadly you can't bet on other sports yet. CSGOEmpire is our favourite out of all CS2 Betting Sites! Use our code "cs2dragon" to start betting!



CSGO500 is a Betting Site for CSGO, Dota2, Rocket League, League of Legends and Valorant. They offer many withdraw options including CS2 skins, Dota2 skins, Rust skins, gift cards, game keys and of course cryptocurrencies. Betting on CSGO500 is really easy, you just click on the "Esports" tab and get an overview over all games that you can bet on. By using our code "csgojoker" you get 500 BUX for free!



Gamdom is the only one out of all the CS2 Betting Sites where you can also bet on regular sports. You can bet on Football, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing and many more. If you win something, you can withdraw CS2 skins or cryptocurrencies. You can also deposit your CS2 skins or crypto. However, Gamdom doesn't have that many skins in their store, so you should probably withdraw crypto instead. Use our code "csgojokercom" to start!



Stake is one of the biggest Crypto eSports Betting Sites. You can bet on professional CS2 matches, Dota2 matches, LoL matches and many more. Moreover, you can deposit using 8 different crypto currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Stake is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao, therefore they are allowed to offer betting services in many countries across the globe. Click our link for a free bonus!



CSGOLounge was the first big CS2 Betting Site. Back in the golden days of CSGOLounge betting you could bet skins on professional CS2 matches and if you won, you instantly got more skins back. Nowadays, this isn't possible anymore, because of the 7 day trade hold on CS2 skins. However, you can still bet real money on CSGOLounge on upcoming professional CS2 matches. There are not many players left that use this site.


What is CS2 Match Betting?

CS2 Match Betting is when you bet on the outcome of a professional CS2 match. For example when two big teams like Fnatic and Astralis play against each other, you can bet on the winner. If you get the winner right, you get your bet multiplied with the odds. So for example if you bet on Astralis when they have 1.5 odds to win, you would get 15$ if your bet was 10$.

Most people try their luck on CS2 Match Betting Sites to get more cool CS2 skins. Some good bets in a row can even get you up to a knife. However, even if you know a lot about CS2, some match outcomes will still be random. Match Betting is not as random as gambling, but it can also be random at times.

How does CS2 Betting work?

CS2 Betting is pretty easy. First you want to look for a site like CSGOEmpire that offers match betting. Second you deposit either skins or real money. Now all you have to do is find a professional CS2 match that you would like to bet on. Find a good team, that you think is going to win a match against another team and place your bet. However, don’t just place a stupid bet on your favorite team, always do your research before placing a bet. You should know why you think this team is going to win. Check out their history against the opponent and check, if the team is doing good on their map picks.

Can you bet real money on CS2 matches?

Yes, you can bet real money on professional CS2 matches.

On most sites you can deposit with crypto currency, PayPal, gift cards and many other payment options. However, most players prefer to bet CS2 skins instead of real money. You can also withdraw CS2 skins or withdraw crypto, whatever fits you best. To start betting on CS2 matches, you should je at least 18 years old (or the age required by your country to bet). Furthermore betting should always be for entertainment purposes only, it shouldn’t be seen as a way to earn income.

Is CSGOLounge still a thing?

Yes, CSGOLounge is still a thing. However, it is only used by very few people nowadays, because other sites like CSGOEmpire are way better.

CSGOEmpire, CSGO500 and Gamdom are used a lot more, because they have P2P skin deposit/withdraw. CSGOLounge on the other hand doesn't have the option to deposit and withdraw skins easily. Obviously this is a big disadvantage for everyone that wants to bet their CS2 skins. One good thing about CSGOLounge is, that the site is easy to use and has a Curacao eGaming license. So you can expect them to not commit any fraud.

CSGOLounge Match Betting

CS2 Match Betting with skins

Most CS2 players want to bet their skins on professional CS2 matches instead of real money. This is still possible on many sites that use P2P systems. Your skins will be traded to another player, converted to coins and placed on a match. After that, you can withdraw the coins that you won to new CS2 skins.

Provably Fair

Every good Case Opening Site should be provably fair. Sites like CSGORoll, DatDrop, CSGOLive and Daddyskins are provably fair since they started. Other sites like Hellcase have implemented a provably fair system after being pressured by the community. A provably fair system is supposed to prove that the site can't rig their cases. This means that the skin that you get is random and not selected by the site.

Where can I bet CS2 skins?

You can bet CS2 skins on CSGOEmpire, CSGO500 and Gamdom. These are considered to be the best CS2 Match Betting Sites that still offer skin withdraw.

Besides those CS2 sites, there are also some other Match Betting Sites like betway, bet365 and where you can bet on CS2 matches. The problem is, those websites don't have CS2 skins for you to withdraw.

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