Best CS2 Gambling Sites

Our CS2 Gambling Sites list was last updated in July 2024


CSGORoll is a great CS2 Gambling Site, probably the best one out there. They offer instant CS2 deposits and withdrawals and accept US players, which is something that most sites don't do. You can chose between over 5 great game modes including Roulette, Crash, Coinflip, Dice and Case Opening. Use our code "CS2DRAGON" to open 3 free cases!



CSGOEmpire is the most well-known CS2 Gambling Site. They have a Curacao eGaming License and offer instant CS2 skin deposits and withdraws. You can also withdraw Crypto if you prefer that. Besides the popular Roulette game you can play Coinflip and bet on professional CS2 matches. By using our code "cs2dragon" you can open a free case!



CSGO500 is a Crypto and CS2 Gambling Site. They offer instant CS2 deposits and withdrawals. You can also withdraw gift cards, crypto, steam games and much more. The site has more than 5 great game modes: Wheel, Roulette, Crash, Duels and Match Betting. They also offer Slots and Live Games. Use code "CS2DRAGON" to get 500 Bux for free.



Gamdom is a CS2 Gambling Site that's online since 2016. It offers many great game modes, the classic ones and especially their exclusive one: HiLo. You can also play Live Games and Slots in their Casino. Gamdom offers instant P2P CS2 skins and four cryptocurrencies for withdraw. Use our code "csgojoker" to open a free case and get some free balance to start playing.



CSGOLuck is a brand new CS2 Gambling Site based in Curacao. You can play Roulette, Crash and Coinflip on CSGOLuck and you can open CS2 cases as well. Furthermore, you can withdraw and deposit CS2 skins instant using their P2P store. The site is also one of the only Jackpot Sites out there. Use our code "CSGOJOKER" to get a free bonus!



Duelbits is a Crypto Gambling Site that also offers CS2 skin withdraw. They have a great P2P system, which means you can deposit and withdraw CS2 skins instant. Duelbits has many great games including Crash, Roulette and Dice. However, you can also play Live Games and Slots on their site. By using our code "csgojoker" you get a free bonus!



Rollbit is a Crypto Gambling Site, that offered CS:GO skin withdrawals in the past. Maybe they will bring it back, we don't know. Their special game mode X-Roulette is still CS:GO themed. However, most of their games are crypto themed by now. Probably the best game mode on the site is Crypto Trading. Use our code "csgojoker" to start playing!



WTFSkins is a CS2 Gambling Site with game modes like Crash, Roulette and Jackpot. They offer instant CS2 skin deposits and withdraws. However, they don't have a Curacao eGaming license which means they can't offer Crypto withdraw. WTFSkins is available for players from the United States. You can use our code "csgojokercom" to get free gems and start playing!


Clash is a brand-new CS2 Gambling Site that offers instant skin withdrawals. Furthermore, you can play Roulette, Crash, Jackpot, Mines, and open CS2 Cases. When you level up you unlock new rewards in free daily cases. Moreover, you can claim rakeback and get a free deposit bonus by using our code "CSGOJOKER" when signing in for the first time.



OPCASES is a new CS2 Gambling Site where you can open cases. They also have two other cool game modes: Case Battles and Upgrade. Case Battle is a cool game where you open cases against other players. Upgrade is self-explanatory. You can deposit and withdraw CS skins instantly. Moreover, you can open up to 5 cases for free by using our bonus code "cs2dragon".


What is CS2 Gambling?

CS2 Gambling is basically using your CS2 skins to play casino games like Roulette. Besides Roulette you can play many other game modes like Crash, Dice and Coinflip. Moreover you can chat with other players and watch others gamble their skins. Even if you don't have any skins yourself, you can use our codes to start for free. If you win something, you can withdraw more expensive skins or knives. However, if you lose too much you lose your deposited CS2 skins. Some sites also offer depositing and withdrawing with crypto currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Therefore you can also use CS2 Gambling Sites to exchange crypto for cool skins, like a marketplace basically.

Before you start:
You should be at least 18 years old to start gambling your CS2 skins. Additionally, you should also only deposit skins that you can afford to lose. CS2 Gambling can be addicting, if you feel bad when playing, take a break.

What games can I play?

There are many different games that you can play on most CS2 Gambling Sites. Here are some of CS2Dragon's favourite game modes:


Crash is one of the most interesting games that you can play. You basically bet your coins on a rising multiplier. When you are satisfied with your winnings, you press "cash out" to get your coins multiplied with the factor you cashed out at. For example, if you gamble 1 coin and cash out at a x2 multiplier, you have 2 coins now. However, if the multiplier "crashes" before you can press "cash out", you lose your coins. This game mode can be risky because the multiplier can easily crash instant. On the other hand, this game mode has the potential for insane wins. The best CS2 Gambling Sites to play Crash on are CSGORoll and CSGO500.

CSGO500 Crash


Roulette is a cool game that you probably know already. CS2 Gambling Sites have a simple Roulette, not the one you know from Las Vegas and other casinos. Accordingly you can only bet on red, black or green. Red and black are basically the same, they both payout x2. Green on the other hand pays out x14, but only has a small chance to occur. Furthermore you can also bet on two colors, red and green or black and green. In this case you would bet a bigger amount on red or black and a small amount on green. The best CS2 Roulette Sites are CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, Gamdom and CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Roulette


As the name suggests, Coinflip is a game where you flip a coin against another player. You can bet as many coins as you want or join other players. If you win the coinflip, you get the coins of the other player. However, most sites take a small commission, this means if you bet 1 coin, you only get 1.9 coins if you win, not 2. The best CS2 Gambling Sites to play Coinflip are CSGOEmpire and CSGORoll.

CSGOEmpire Coinflip

How to find a trusted CS2 Gambling Site

You can find a good site by checking out the CS2 Gambling Sites with the most upvotes on our list. Sites with many upvotes are usually really good and the community likes them. To vote for a site, you have to sign in through steam on CS2Dragon and click the upvote or downvote button on the right side. We also don't add scam sites to our list, all CS2 sites on our list are trusted and safe.

Provably Fair

All sites on our list are provably fair. This means that they use a random system to generate the outcome of your bets. In conclusion this means that the website can not manipulate any of your bets. The site can't make you lose, if you lose it was random and unlucky. Furthermore this also means that big wins are possible, the site can't prevent you from winning huge bets.

Provably Fair CS2 Gambling Sites

Trusted CS2 Sites

There are four big Gambling Sites that are trusted by most CS2 players: CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, CSGORoll and Gamdom. Most of those sites are trusted since 2016 and have a Curacao eGaming license. CSGORoll is a special case, they don't have a license and they are online since 2020. However, CSGORoll doesn't need a Curacao license, because they don't offer crypto withdraws. This means that players from the USA can play on the site and withdraw skins. All the sites with Curacao licenses (CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, Gamdom) are required to block players from the US due to regulations.

What's the best CS2 Gambling Site?

CSGORoll is the best CS2 Gambling Site according to our users. CSGOEmpire and CSGO500 follow in second and third place with only about half as many points as CSGORoll.

Are CS2 Gambling Sites rigged?

No, CS2 Gambling Sites are not rigged. CSGOJoker only lists provably fair CS2 Gambling Sites, which means that the site can't manipulate or rig any of the outcomes of your bets.

Can you gamble with CS2 Skins?

Yes, you can gamble with CS2 Skins. CS2 Gambling Sites like CSGOEmpire, CSGORoll, CSGO500, Duelbits and many more allow you to deposit your CS2 Skins. After that, you can gamble and if you win you can withdraw other CS2 Skins.

How does CS2 Gambling work?

CS2 Gambling is pretty straightforward: You deposit your Skins on a CS2 Gambling Site. Then you use the coins that you get for your Skins to play gambling games of chance like Roulette, Coinflip, Crash, Blackjack, whatever you want to play and after that, you withdraw CS2 Skins again. You can lose and win, but you are more likely to lose, just like with regular gambling.

Are CS2 Gambling Sites legal?

Yes, CS2 Gambling Sites are legal. However, online gambling is prohibbited in some countries. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check if online gambling is legal in your country before you start playing on a CS2 Gambling Site. For example, online gambling in the United States of America is not allowed.

How do you gamble in America?

If you are living in the United States of America, you are not allowed to gamble. However, Canada allows online gambling. For South America it highly depends on the country you live in, some countries tolerate online gambling, other countries don't.

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