Best CS2 Crash Sites

Our CS2 Crash Sites list was last updated in May 2024


CSGORoll is one of the best CS2 Crash Sites. It accepts players from the United States and it is 100% provably fair. You can deposit and withdraw CS2 skins instant using their P2P store. Of course you can also deposit using Paypal, Skrill, Klarna, cryptocurrencies and credit cards. However, you can only withdraw CS2 skins, no cryptocurrencies or real cash. Use our code "CS2DRAGON" to open 3 free cases and get a 5% bonus!



CSGO500 was started in 2016 as one of the first skin gambling sites in the scene. However, they didn't offer Crash until 2019 after many users wanted to play the game. At this point in time, CSGO500 is one of the most trusted Crash Sites in the scene with millions of players. The site has a Curacao license which makes it a legal online casino in many countries. You can use our code "CSGOJOKER" to start playing for free.



Duelbits is a new CS2 Crash Site. It started in 2020 as a CS2 Roulette Site and added Crash later on. Without doubt, Duelbits has one of the biggest CS2 skin selection of all sites. You can withdraw almost every CS2 skin you can think of. Furthermore their Crash game has the coolest animation: It shows a small rocket flying towards the moon. You can use our code "csgojoker" to get instant VIP access and Ace Rewards!



Gamdom is one of the oldest CS2 Crash Sites out there. They introduced Crash as a game mode in 2016 when they launched the site. Therefore, Gamdom is the oldest out of all CS2 Crash Sites that's still online to this day. Besides CS2 skins you can also withdraw many different cryptocurrencies on Gamdom, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can use our code "csgojokercom" to open a free case and start playing.



If you like to play CS2 Crash, CSGOLuck could be the perfect Site for you. On this site you can play a very cool and smooth CS2 Crash game. The animation is really nice, it is space-themed and a small rocket is flying in space. Moreover, users can set an auto cash out and the Crash game is provably fair. You can instantly withdraw and deposit your CS2 skins using their item store. Use our code "CSGOJOKER" to start playing.



WTFSkins is a CS2 Crash Site that offers instant CS2 skin deposits and withdraws. However, you can't withdraw cryptocurrency or real money on WTFSkins, because they are not a licensed Online Casino. Therefore players from the United States are allowed to use the site. Compared to other sites WTFSkins has a small playerbase, most of them from the US. By using our code "csgojokercom" you get $0.25 for free to test the site!



Stake is one of the most trusted Crypto Gambling Sites. You can play many cool games on Stake, including Crash. Furthermore, you can deposit using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many more. The site is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao, which means they are allowed to offer games of chance like Crash in many countries. Click our link to start playing Crash game!


About CS2 Crash Gambling

CS2 Crash is one of the best games that you can play on many CS2 Gambling Sites. Crash is really fun, because you can play high risk and low risk, whatever you prefer. It all started in 2016 with a gambling website called that introduced the Crash game to the CS2 community. However, due to their steam accounts getting banned by Valve over and over again, had to shut down. Later in 2016 and 2017, bigger sites like Gamdom and CSGORoll introduced crash game on their sites. Gamdom and CSGORoll also offered CS2 Roulette and other game modes, so they had way more users than ever had. Valve kept banning bots used by gambling sites which forced many CS2 Gambling Sites to shut down. Some of them also switched to cryptocurrency deposits and withdraws to stay online.

In late 2018 a new technology made CS2 deposits and withdraws possible again. The new P2P system enabled gambling sites to offer CS2 skins for deposit and withdraw without using bots. P2P means "player-to-player" or "peer-to-peer". This basically means that players that want to deposit send their skin directly to a player that wants to withdraw a skin. Therefore, bots are not needed anymore. In addition to that, withdraws are now instant, users don't have to wait for the 7-day-trade-hold to expire. Due to this new system CS2 Crash and other gambling games were able to make a huge comeback. At this time, well-known sites like CSGO500, CSGORoll, Gamdom, WTFSkins and Duelbits offer Crash and have millions of active users every single month.

How to play CS2 Crash

CS2 Crash works like this: You place your bet before the round starts. After that a graph starts rising, showing a multiplier. While the multiplier is rising it shows a "Cash out" button. Whenever you press that button, your bet gets multiplied with the current multiplier. For example, if you bet 2$ and cash out at 2.5 multiplier, you are going to win 5$. However, if the graph crashes before you press "Cash out", you are going to lose your bet.

To start playing you just need to deposit your CS2 skins on a CS2 Crash Site. Your skins are going to be converted to coins, which you can use to play crash or other games. After winning a crash bet, you can use your coins to withdraw cool CS2 skins. Big sites like CSGO500 have thousands of good looking CS2 skins in their item store. No matter if you want to get a knife, an AK or M4 skin, you are going to find something.

CSGO500 Crash

What is CS2 Crash gambling?

CS2 Crash is a gambling game mode. It is very thrilling as you can lose everything you have bet when the graph crashes. However, if you press "cash out" before the game crashes, you can win a lot. Your wager amount gets multiplied with the number you cash out at.

How does CS2 Crash work?

CS2 Crash is super easy. You decide how much you want to bet. After entering a round, you can see a multiplier that keeps increasing. Now you have to press the "cash out" button before the game crashes. If you manage to cash out in time, your stake is multiplied by the number you cashed out at.

How do you win playing Crash?

Our favorite Crash game strategy is the Martingale strategy. You wager $1 and try to cash out at x2. If the graph crashes before x2, you wager $2 in the next round and you try to get to x2 again. The idea is to always double your bet if you lose and go back to your base bet if you win. However, there is no way to win all the time, you are going to lose most of the time.

Where can I play CS2 Crash?

You can play CS2 Crash on CSGORoll, CSGO500, Gamdom, WTFSkins, CSGOPolygon and Duelbits. All of the sites mentioned offer instant CS2 skin withdraw and deposit. They are all trusted and provably fair, which is really important for crash sites. If you want to bet with crypto instead of CS2 skins, you can also play crash on Roobet and Stake, they are the most trusted crypto sites.

What is the best crash gambling website?

CSGO500 is the best CS2 Crash gambling website. For players from the US we suggest using CSGORoll or WTFSkins.

Is Crash rigged?

No, Crash is not rigged, all sites on our list are provably fair. This means that the website admins can't rig your bets and make you lose. However, you will still lose more often than you win, because of the house edge.

Is Crash gambling legal in the USA?

Crash gambling with real money is not legal in the USA. However, some sites like CSGORoll and WTFSkins are legal in the United States, because they don't offer real money withdraw. Other crash sites like Roobet, Stake, Gamdom and CSGO500 offer cryptocurrency withdraw which makes them illegal in the US. Therefore they block users from the USA from accessing their websites.

What happened to CSGOCrash?

CSGOCrash was the first Crash Gambling Site. It had to shut down, because Valve started banning steam bots of CS2 Gambling Sites. Their bots got banned over and over again and they didn't manage to switch to cryptocurrency in time. was online from 2016 to 2017. While it was online, it was one of the most successful CS2 Crash Sites.

Thanks for reading our article about CS2 Crash! Our content is always up to date, in this case August 2022, and we only list the best CS2 Crash Sites out there! If you have a question about CS2 Crash, feel free to ask it in our live chat!

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